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After years of receiving inadequate and dubious pensions advice from various sources, our firm finally decided to appoint Barnard Lee Associates as its pensions advisor. This turned out to be an excellent decision. Regular one-on-one discussions and reviews meant that for the first time I felt in control of my pension investments and that expert and trustworthy guidance was readily available whenever I needed it. Meetings were always backed up with comprehensive and informative documentation and when the time came to retire and key decisions needed to be made, I felt that I was able to negotiate the pensions minefield in safety!
March 2017, Clive, Bedfordshire.Sales Director (retired)/ Retirement advice. Client since 2007.
I had to take some financial decisions and Julian gave me great advice. He explained matters in a very friendly and clear way. He put all my anxieties to rest and I felt relieved and in control. He then dealt with everything on my behalf which was fantastic.
March 2017. Eveline, London.Textile Design and Production/ Pension advice. Client since 2015.
On first meeting with Julian I was very impressed with his knowledge and professionalism. He explained to me my options clearly and comprehensively, he gave me good sound and honest advice as to how I should deal with my affairs. On making my decision he proceeded to deal with the matter quickly and efficiently. I would highly recommend his services
March 2017. Yvonne, London. PA/ Retirement Advice. Client since 2013.
I found Julian via the Internet whilst searching for an IFA convenient for my location. Being able to meet and the time devoted by Julian to my individual circumstances was refreshing and I am more than happy with the outcome.
March 2017. Richard, London.Retired Telecoms consultant. Client since 2015.
I've always been more than happy with the sound and clear advice given to me by Julian. He makes the sometimes daunting and confusing world of pensions and savings easy to understand and navigate.
March 2017. Nigel, London.Journalist/ All financial areas. Client since 1989.
Julian has been excellent. He has always been kind and helpful, explaining my options clearly, giving guidance and supporting my decisions."
March 2017. Annabel, London.Therapist/ Investment advice. Client since 2015.
I've been managing large organisations, budgets and thousands of staff for the last 32 years. During that time, much of my thinking about my financial position was concentrated on the here and now. At the point of retirement, it was obvious that with the complexity of legislation and the range of the financial products now available, strong and clear financial advice would be needed. I picked up the name of Barnard Lee associates by reference from a respected pensions administrator. The service I have received has been first class and the assessment of my financial position and way forward agreed mutually without difficulty. I would recommend this organisation to you without hesitation.
March 2017. Derrick Anderson, London.Retired CE/ Investment and Retirement/. Client since 2015.
I have worked with Julian on my retirement planning for over 20 years. There have been inevitable changes in circumstances along the way requiring redefinition of goals and timescales. Julian has always helped me focus on what is important and how to achieve it will as little fuss and bureaucracy as possible. With the recent changes to the pension landscape I expect to be using his skills for the next 20 years!
March 2017. Ross, London.Project Manager. Banking / Retirement & Investment. Client since 1990s.
Over a number of years I have had careful and considered financial guidance from Barnard Lee with options illustrated and clearly explained to me. I am happy with the service provided.
March 2017. Leonie, London.Investment Advice. Client since 2014.
Having worked in a financial services company with Julian and Judith in the 1980's before leaving to do other things, when they set up Barnard Lee Associates it was a no-brainer for me and several of my friends to become their clients. Not only does Julian keep himself up to date with new financial products, he is one of the few that I have met with the intelligence to really understand them! He also has great integrity; he will listen to you and analyse your individual financial situation, let you know his opinion, and discuss with you what improvements you would like to make, giving you an honest appraisal of what can be achieved and the range of likely outcomes of the measures you both agree on. Then, very importantly, he will meet with you regularly to review things in accordance with the changes that inevitably occur in life - people become Julian's clients, rather than just people who have acquired a financial product from him. I would not choose to be anyone else's client.
March 2017. Robin, London.Company Director.
Barnard Lee gave me understandable and impartial advice regarding my pension options. Excellent service and would recommend them to my friends, family and colleagues.
March 2017. Maddy Barrington, London.ex-Television Production Manager. Retirement Advice. Client since 2015.
Very friendly and helpful, took trouble to review my situation and future needs, and gave me clear guidance.
March 2017. Bill, London.Retired/ Pension & Annuity advice. Client since 2016.
"Julian directly addressed all of my questions with clarity and brevity. I will definitely be going back to him."
June 2014. Peter, London.
Julian takes time to understand our needs and always makes us feel he has our interests at heart.
June 2014. Jayne, London.Director (International Press).Client since 1990.
Excellent - clear, straight-talking advice. Immediately recommended to family members, who have said exactly the same.
April 2014. Barney, Dulwich.Jounalist
Julian offers sound, impartial advice, is easy to talk to and has your best interests at heart. We are as extremely happy with the service.
January 2014, Pat & Louise, Berkshire.IT Consultant. Clients since 1993.
Barnard Lee (both Julian and formerly Judith) has provided me with excellent financial advice for over 15 years. I have been given solid, uncomplicated and extremely beneficial advice and guidance and I could not have wanted for a more personable and professional advisory service.
September 2013 Simon, SomersetMarketing DirectorClient Since 1998
Friendly, approachable, explains things clearly
August 2013. Jill, London,
Julian's advice was both appropriate and valuable. However it was his empathetic approach that guaranteed that he had my best interests at heart throughout the process of identifying an annuity that suited my particular needs. He went far beyond the limits expected for the industry standard fee. I can't recommend him enough to others who seek to pick a path through the financial services maze.
July 2013, Peter, LondonRetired
We had no idea what we were doing and feel like we are finally getting a grip on our finances with Julian's help. He's very knowledgeable and explains things clearly.
June, 2013. Courtney, LondonStrategy Director
"I asked Julian to advise on my current pension arrangements. I had a number of policies with different companies. I wanted advice on whether I should merge them into my most recent and ongoing pension plan. Julian did an excellent job of liaising with all the existing pension companies and providing me with a proposal of how I should proceed. This was clearly explained to me and outlined the pro's and con's of each policy. Julian has a good way of making an over complicated system sound simple." 
22/02/2013 Joel, Buckinghamshire, LondonQualified ProfessionalClient Since 2012
"Julian is extremely human and understanding and I trust him completely. His approach is relaxed and unpushy, but he is very quick to deliver what he has promised." 
18/01/2013 Tessa, Surrey, London, EntrepreneurClient Since 2008
"Julian has consistently provided me with first class professional advice. He focuses on the needs of the individual giving you unbiased information allowing you peace of mind. I have every confidence in recommending him." 
18/01/2013 Gail Gray, London, ExecutiveClient Since 2001
"I received good advice on all aspects of my forthcoming pension, how to make best use of it and how to get the best return for the investment by way of an annuity. I was also given advice on aspects of State pension and all relevant matters. The advisor then dealt with all matters on my behalf." 
18/01/2013 Murray, LondonManualClient Since 2001
"Explains options very well. Will give as much or as little detail as you require (I get a bit overwhelmed with TMI!). Trust him completely to look after my best interests." 
19/01/2013 Kathy, LondonAdvertising ExecutiveClient Since 2001
"I have been receiving advice and guidance from Julian for over 25 years in matters of investment and pensions. This long association is a testament to the confidence I have that my financial affairs have been handled in a thoroughly professional way. Julian has kept a constant eye on my investments and advised, in a timely fashion, when changes were deemed necessary or appropriate, but without exerting undue pressure to take specific products. He is extremely easy to work with and understands his subject thoroughly." 
19/01/2013 Peter, Colchester, Retired (IT Systems Consultant), Client since 1987
"I have known Julian for over 20 years, and in all that time he has proven to be a sound and trusted financial advisor as well as a friend. He is able to explain the problems, solutions, pros and cons of options and expected outcomes in an extremely clear manner and doesn’t push his own preferred options. The choice always remains mine, and the decision making time is left purely up to me."
22/02/2013 Kevin, LondonQualified ProfessionalClient since 1992
"My advisor, Julian Barnard, helped me with my annuity by checking out the market apart from the annuity I was offered with my current pension provider. He then informed me of the way I should go, I took his advice as I was not at all sure what to do and without doubt over the last two - three years he has proved to be correct." 
19/01/2013 Jeanette, Surrey, Finance Director (Rtd), Client Since: 2010
"I have been a client of Julian's for about 15 years and he has always given me great advice. He is a good listener and always understands my investment needs and guides me accordingly."
21/01/2013 Ross, London, ExecutiveClient Since: 1997
"Julian helped me unravel a pension management charge nightmare, which took 3 years and saved me thousands. Through all of this process Julian was proactive in chasing the pension company, gave me very sound advice on which action to take next, which in the end lead to the pension company giving in and admitting liability. After transferring the pension, was then proactive again in finding the best investment for my funds. Julian is very knowledgeable, listens and advises you on the best investments for you in a clear and precise way" 
23/01/2013 Ian, Worcestershire, Company DirectorClient Since: 2005
"I have used Barnard Lee & Associates as my independent financial advisor for a number of years, including periods when I have been expat from the UK and non-resident for UK tax purposes. The service has always been first rate and even more importantly, the investments which I made through Barnard Lee & Associates have been well matched to my risk profile and performed very well throughout."
Dominic , Berkshire, EngineerJan 2012
‘making the complex simple’ 

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