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‘get your decision right’ We specialise in ‘Preparatory’ and ‘At Retirement’ advice. The level of income you get when you retire will not just depend on how much you have saved and how well the pension investments have performed.
For years you have been building a fund for your Retirement and when the time approaches to take the benefits it is vital to prepare properly. Five to ten years before you retire you need to make sure that your investments are not carrying more risk than you can afford to accept. Economic changes will influence your fund. If you have too much equity investment (shares) you may see a significant loss in your pension fund just before you retire. At that stage you don't have time to recoup those losses before you need to access your pension income.
  •  We will help you prepare your route to retirement with research and analysis on your existing pensions.  If you can do better, we will stream line your provision to minimise your costs and administration.
  • We will assess your investment funds and build you a portfolio, with an asset allocation to match the level of risk you can accept.
At Retirement. 
Once you have set up a Lifetime Annuity it cannot be changed. It is vital that you get the decision right.  Your pension might have valuable guaranteed rates or it may be that an Open Market Option will provide higher income levels.
Your (and your dependants) Age, Health, Lifestyle, Smoking, Post code and weight will all affect how much pension income you can get.  It will also be affected by how often you want your income to be paid.
You need to consider if the income should be Level or Increasing, and what death benefits you might leave for your family.
We will research the options available to ensure you maximise your income.
You may want to continue working and not to take your pension. You might not want to lock into a set annuity because you have other assets and income so a Fixed Term Annuity might suit you better.
We will help you decide how much Tax Free Cash to take from your pension.
Using this Tax free cash to arrange a Purchase Life Annuity may provide a more tax efficient income than a Lifetime Pension Annuity.
If you have significant pension and other assets, Drawdown, Phased or Flexible Retirement Products may be right for you. We will help you assess the risks and find an appropriate vehicle and strategy.
‘making the complex simple’ 
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