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You may have moved jobs a few times and have pension funds dotted around in various places. You may have lost track of one or two of the funds and be finding the administration irritating. You might be wondering if you should join your next employer’s scheme or if you can combine the lot to keep things simple.
We research and analyse your existing pensions. We will explain what you’ve got and if you can do better. We will stream line your provision to minimise your costs and administration.
You may have started the pension twenty years ago and not kept an eye on how the money is invested, or know if it is in the right sort of fund for you. You might be wondering if the funds could be doing more for you. We assess the investments in your pension funds and build appropriate portfolios, with asset allocations to match the level of risk that is right for you.
You may want to check if your funding level will generate enough for your retirement. We can calculate how you are doing and, where you need to save more, we will recommend your best route. If you have less than 10 years to retirement please also refer to the Retirement section of this site.
‘making the complex simple’
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