How we are paid Paying for advice

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Protection and Insurance Advice and Products.
For this type of advice you can chose to pay by 'Commission' from the provider or by 'Fees'. We will always tell you in advance how much commission will be paid for arranging a product we have advised. If you have chosen to pay us directly by Invoiced Fees, the 'commission' will be removed from the product.
Investment Based Advice and Products
Fees for this type of advice are agreed at outset and can be based on either hourly rates, a fixed fee or a percentage fee. You can chose to pay the fees by direct invoice, or it may be possible for the agreed fee to be taken out of the arranged investment and paid to us by the provider.
Whether we take our remuneration by way of fees, commission or a mixture of both will be a matter for discussion and an agreement will be drawn up between us. An appropriate and fair basis for you to proceed will be agreed with you once we have established the type of advice/ service you need. Fees will not be charged without prior notice and agreement.
Please Note; Fees may be due even where the advice is to 'take no action', or if the client chooses not to action the recommended advice.

The costs involved will vary depending on your requirements so contact us for more details.

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