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structured investment strategies’
  • You may have been saving regularly for years and now find the interest on your Building Society Deposits and ISAs is disappointing. You want to make the money work harder for you.
  • You may have inherited a lump sum or received a bonus and be wondering if you should repay a loan or if investing is right. If you do invest, which vehicles should you use; ISAs, Unit Trusts, Investment Trusts, Bonds, Deposits and what are the tax advantages?  Once you know the right vehicle, how do you chose which provider, and over time, how do you make sure that funds are still right for you?
    • You might have a variety of investments and be worried about the impact that world economies might have and how spread your to risk so that you don’t lose too much if the stock markets crash.
  • You might have chosen investment funds years ago and be wondering if those funds are any good, or if they are right for you now.
    • We can provide you with a clear structured investment strategy. This begins with analysis of your existing arrangements, establishing your growth and/or income requirements and an assessment of your attitude to risk.
    • We will build you a structured portfolio matched to your level of risk, using your existing or new products and vehicles.
    • We will provide an ongoing service for you so that we will monitor, manage and develop your investment portfolio to match your needs as time goes by.
‘making the complex simple’

The value of investments can fluctuate. You may not get back the full value of your investment. Past performance cannot be used as a guide to the future. 

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