Protection ‘security when things go wrong’

  • If you die will your family cope financially?
  • If your partner dies will you cope financially?
  • If you become ill and cannot go to work, would you have the money to pay your bills and provide for your family?
  • If you became severely ill would you be able to pay for care?
  • If you die, what happens to your mortgage?
  • If you are off sick, how long will your employer pay you for?
Life cover and Critical Illness Insurance are designed to pay out a lump sum or regular income should you die or be diagnosed with a specific critical illness. Income Protection and Permanent Health Insurance are designed to pay you an income if you cannot work due to illness or an accident and you are no longer getting paid.
  • We will work out the amount of cover you need and can afford.
  • We will review your current policies to check that they will still pay benefit.
  • We will recommend the right type of cover, explain how it works, its advantages and disadvantages.
  • We will research the market to check you are getting value for money on any cover you currently have, and any additional cover you might need.
After that we will organise the applications to get your cover set up.
making the complex simple’
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