Mortgage Advice Clapham

‘providing information to make informed choices’ 
We don’t sell or arrange mortgages as we believe this is a specific area of expertise. Mortgages in the UK are distributed via the intermediary market, direct from the lender or a specific channel. The choices are often confusing if not overwhelming but the fundamentals of borrowing remain the same.
If you need to arrange a mortgage we will act as introducers to an experienced Mortgage Broker for which we do not receive a fee.
We see your mortgage as part of your overall financial position and our expertise lies in making sure that you can repay what you borrow if you die and that you can keep up the payments on the loan if you are off sick from work long term.
Since your mortgage is part of your overall financial position, you may be considering repaying it early. Our expertise is to assess and advise you on the optimum use of your capital or savings, and to consider how liability reduction sits within your overall financial objectives.
‘making the complex simple’ 

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.

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